Exhaust & Mufflers


Uniweld carries a full range of mufflers for all cars, vans, and many commercial vehicles. We also custom build mufflers from scratch and carry a full range of chrome tips, big bore mufflers and exhaust accessories. Our ranges also includes gaskets, flange plates, exhaust clamps, mounts, rubbers, rain hats, commercial band clamps, flexi joints and much more. Uniweld offers one of the commercial vehicle industry’s most complete truck and commercial exhaust repair and fabrication services in New Zealand. Uniweld has a selection of quality replacement exhaust and emissions control components. With decades of experience we can rebuild your truck exhaust, replace your forklift muffler, or fabricate your digger muffler from scratch. Full systems on big rigs, stack set ups, and spark arrestor fit outs are no problem – not to mention our custom truck certified towbar service and custom engineering fabrication workshop which can offer deck repairs, racking, or just about anything you need for your COF or WOF vehicle.